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Looking for a Kindle at the best price? Don't look any further until you have read our in-depth guide and recommendations.

So you're ready to take the plunge and get yourself a new Kindle, are you confused and don't want to spend more than you have to? Don't fret because GadgetsiWant are here to help you get the best price on a Kindle.

When it comes to technology there are typically three types of buyer. A person who already owns and loves a product and are looking to upgrade, a person who owns a competing product and is considering making the switch or a person who is looking to make that first time purchase. Whichever type of person you are, let's make sure that you get the best price Kindle that you can.

To start with lets deal with the upgraders. Maybe you have owned a Kindle in the past and are looking to get one of the newer ones, with some of the fancy new features. I have been a Kindle owner for over 5 years but recently took the plunge on a new Kindle Paperwhite 6 months ago. I work in technology for a living and I have to say I was a little confused.

As I began my research, which is something I always like to do, what became apparent very quickly is that Amazon has released many different versions of the Kindle over the last couple of years. Whilst this is great for customer choice, it makes the buying process a lot more confusing. When I purchased my original Kindle there was only one version available and the choice was simple. Do I buy one with 3G or without 3G?

Back then it was simple to get the best Kindle prices on the market because I didn't have to worry about spending money on features I wouldn't use.

Fast forward a few years and any knowledge you have gained about the product you may as well forget. As I write this there are four models of Kindle on the Amazon market place with a couple of different options available for each model. There are a whopping five tablet models available and again there are different options available with each tablet. If you want to know the difference then check our my e-reader v tablet blog post.

Which type of Kindle?

The first decision to make, do you want a tablet or an e-reader? I have done an in depth blog post about this if you want to go through all the details. To summarise the main difference is this, a tablet can be used for reading books through the Kindle app, browsing the internet, reading emails, watching movies and listening to music etc. An e-reader can be used for reading books and looking at a few informational based websites, like Wikipedia for example.

An e-reader has a screen that is optimised for reading books, newspapers, articles and you can do it for a long time without straining your eyes. It only has a black and white screen. Once you have made the decision about which type of device you want then you can look to buy the best price Kindle in that category.

Proceed with caution

Amazon's website is one of the best out there but when it comes to laying out all the different options I find it confusing. This is why I put together a Kindle Comparison Chart, take a look at this before heading over to Amazon's website. A tablet can be purchased with different screen sizes and different amounts of storage space, the Kindle e-reader also has options with regards screen quality and WiFi only, or WiFi with 3G. Again this is all covered in the Kindle Comparison Chart.

Best Price For a Kindle

Amazon manufactures the Kindle and they are also a content provider. Amazon invented the Kindle as a way of selling more content. Amazon makes most of its money from selling content and not selling Kindles. For that reason the price is consistent wherever you purchase a Kindle from, Amazon is not looking to make megabucks from the Kindle, it makes megabucks from the content and whether you purchase a Kindle from a local electrical shop or from Amazon themselves, the price is pretty much always the same.

If you buy from a local electrical store then Amazon still makes money on the purchase of content going forwards. I prefer shopping online, I work in technology so usually I don't get much benefit from visiting a local electrical retailer. If I don't have the answer to the question, then the chances are the person in the shop doesn't have the answer either.

I also prefer shopping online because in the UK everything is covered by the Distant Selling Regulations. This means I have 14 days to return a product for whatever reason, whereas a shop doesn't have to accept a return unless the item is faulty. They normally do accept the return out of goodwill, but Amazon has to accept the return by law.

Given how good Amazon are at shipping I can normally have it shipped and in my hand by the next morning. Without the hassle or crowds and parking. This is just a personal preference of course, everyone is different.

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