Difference Between iPhone 5 and 5s

  • Difference Between iPhone 5 and 5s
    Difference Between iPhone 5 and 5s

The first handset that has a processor of 64-bit is Apple’s iPhone 5S. It was launched not a long while ago and is seen as a “forward thinking” gadget. As always when new phone models are launched it’s difficult to know the differences between the new version and the predecessor. We try and hone in on the main difference between iPhone 5 and  iPhone 5s in the iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s overview.

Apple, also announced that they are no longer selling the iPhone 5 which was replaced by the iPhone 5C that is a colourful smaller version. That probably warrants a blog post in it’s own right.

With improved hardware, as well as some new features the launch of a new iPhone is always eagerly awaited and the iPhone 5s was no different. Yes it does have a similar design to its predecessor the iPhone 5 which was launched last year. So what distinguishes the iPhone 5S from iPhone 5? Below are some of the significant improvements that have been upgraded on the new model to make it superior.

The Design

The iPhone 5S makes no changes to the size as it is a 4-Inch Retina display that has a resolution of up to 640 X 1136 pixels. This is the same as the predecessor and at the same time it features an aluminium design that is similar to the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 measured 4.87 X 2.31 X 0.3 inches and this is precisely what the new model measures. This means that not a lot has changed on this new model so far, there are technical improvements but the handset weighs the same at 112g. However, when examining the external design of the iPhone 5S, spotting the difference is easy, firstly you can see this on the sensor known as Touch ID, which is found on the Home Button on the handset. Another difference that you will not fail to notice is the dual-LED flash that is on the back. This is a welcomed enhancement for improved image quality when taking photos.

The finger print reader is a touch idea sensor rather than just a button, so there are some subtle differences there. It can be used to make payments, purchase apps from the app store and sign in to the device, rather than use a pin code. Apple has also launched a ‘gold’ version of the phone to compliment the white and space grey (black) versions of the iPhone 5.

Black and white were the available options for the iPhone 5 as far as colour was concerned. The forward thinking’ iPhone 5S, as it has been christened comes in a wider range of colours from Gold to Silver and the amazing Space Grey that is just brilliant and attractive, to say the least.

Display and Processor

There won’t be any significant differences noticed on the iPhone 5’s display, Apple haven’t really changed anything. A resolution of 1136 by 640 pixels just the same as the iPhone 5. The 4-inch Retina display is something that the iPhone 5 also had, and the iPhone 5S makes no improvement or change to this.

The Processor is undoubtedly the significant change that sets the iPhone 5S miles ahead of its predecessor. The iPhone 5 boasts a dual-core processor that has a 1.3GHz and a PowerVR SGX GPU, while the iPhone 5S is equipped with an advanced 64-bit dual core processor of 1.3GHz clock speed. The PowerVR is also upgraded to G6430 GPU, so that makes iPhone 5S superior to all previous versions of the phone when it comes to graphics.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s Comparison Chart

iPhone 5s
  • 4G
  • White, Black (space grey) and Gold
  • Touch ID / Home Button
  • 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
  • 112g
  • 10Hrs Battery / 250 Hours Standby
  • 4in Retina Display
  • Camera 8MP iSight 5-element lens f/2.2 aperture
  • True Tone Flash Amber and White LEDs

iPhone 5
  • 3G with limited 4G
  • White and Black
  • Home Button
  • 16GB, 32GB, 64Gb
  • 112g
  • 9.2 Hrs Battery Talk / 225 Hours Standby
  • 4in Retina Display
  • Camera 8 MP iSight
  • Flash LED Flash


The new iPhone supports more 4G standards which as someone who is based in the UK means that all the main carriers here support 4G on the iPhone 5S. Something that wasn’t on offer with the 5.

Given that 4G is still in it’s infancy, it may not be a big deal, but I have noticed significantly quicker speeds on my network using 4G over 3G.

Storage, Software and Significant Differences

The new model has the latest of the iOS versions as you would expect which at the time of writing is version 7.0. You can upgrade if you want to iOS 7.1. The iPhone 5 (which is now apparently discontinued) came with iOS version 6, but this can also be upgraded to iOS 7.1 too. Not much has changed there on the OS front, not anything significant anyway, and if you have an iPhone 5, you can upgrade and take advantage of most of the new features.

Both devices come with a 1GB of RAM, upgrading will  not improve anything there, both still having the three 16/32/64 GB options when it comes to storage. There is not much difference either on the battery as the iPhone 5 had 1440 mAh, while the new model has a slightly higher battery rating of 1560 mAh. This is a slight change on battery life but the fact that the new model has a lot of significant improvements that require more power, the better-upgraded battery doesn’t offer more hours usage between charges.

Another feature that the iPhone 5 does not have is the fingerprint Touch ID sensor that significantly improves the security of your iPhone. This feature is one of the few features that distinguish the iPhone 5S from its predecessor and it is a really helpful feature. Pressing the home button and holding your thumb over it, automatically logs you on to the handset.


All that being said, these two are excellent devices for one to own and having one over the other is no big deal really, unless you are one of those who wants to have the latest device. The main difference really between the two is the processor and the Touch ID sensor that apparently put the iPhone 5S ahead of its predecessor.

On appearance, which both are strikingly similar, the iPhone 5S is clearly distinguishable with the Touch ID, as telling them apart by the colour combinations is quite hard.

The question  is if you should upgrade to iPhone 5S or wait around for the inevitable launch of the iPhone 6? Especially if you are already in possession of the iPhone 5 and under contract? I don’t think there is much need for you to get the new model if you have the iPhone 5. However, if the fingerprint security feature and some extra speed tickle your fancy and you have a few extra bucks to play with, then you can buy the iPhone 5S.

9.5 Total Score
iPhone 5s

A welcomed upgrade and it will be interesting what they do with the 64bit processor.

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