ereader vs Tablet

Which one should I go for you ask? Do I buy a tablet or an ereader?

Can't make your mind up? ereader vs tablet, which one should you go for? When trying to decide I like to think of it this way. Which is your favourite child?

I have two children, both boys, both with different skills and amazingly talented in different ways. I know as their father I am going to say that but it’s true. Which child is my favourite? It’s impossible to answer because I love them both the same and they both bring such joy but in different ways.

Trying to decide between an e-reader and a tablet is a similar dilemma. I love my tablet and I love my e-reader but for different reasons. I really can’t choose between the two. I have been a tablet owner for over four years and an e-reader owner for about the same time. Just when I think the tablet has won my affections I head off on holiday and realise the tablet it too large and expensive to not take proper care of. A tablet not something that you can easily take to the pool or go to the beach with.

If its a hot country with bright sunshine the tablet is practically useless as you can’t read the screen. On one particular holiday in California I reached for my tablet to do a bit of reading only to be given an on screen warning that the tablet was in danger of overheating. I once read a comment on a blog where someone posted “e-readers are defunct now we have mini tablets, mini tablets are the death of the e-reader because they are just as portable”. Even a mini tablet has all the same issues as a bigger tablet when it comes to the beach holiday. You simply don’t want sand or suncream anywhere near a tablet.

I was first wowed by a Kindle when a colleague of mine showed me his. He had just purchased one for a backpacking trip around India. It was light enough to hold in one hand, and thin enough to sit comfortably between your finger and thumb whilst the bottom corner of the device is cushioned in the palm of your hand.

The instant hit however was the screen, I could really imagine myself in Mumbai, perhaps on a long bus or train journey with the heat shining through the window, with no issues of sunlight or glare affecting the screen. Better still with free worldwide 3G downloading todays newspaper is a reality, plus using WikiPedia to fact find.

My new found love is audio books and the latest Kindle e-readers don’t offer audio book playback. Here is where the tablet comes into its own again. I also love listening to podcasts on the move. You could argue that a smartphone could compliment the Kindle e-reader to fill in the gaps but web browsing and video playback is seriously limited on a smartphone.

To summarise if in the right environment a tablet ticks all the boxes and there is no need for a smartphone add on. However the Kindle e-reader, whilst unable to do audio and video playback, is head and shoulders above the tablet when it comes to reading books. Especially now the newer models have a backlight, nighttime reading is a delight without any strain on your eyes.

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