Kindle Oasis Review

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In April 2016 Amazon launched the Kindle Oasis. When I first started writing this Amazon Kindle Oasis Review, I fully expected to be archiving the Amazon Voyage review given it’s specification and price point.

For now anyway it looks like the Kindle Oasis is an entirely new device.  The first thing I’d like to say about this, is at the time of writing we have four Kindles to chose from and each one has various options, like 3G or WiFi only and also do I want one with sponsored advertisements on it or not?

Amazon normally get the marketing spot on, it’s why they are the giant that they are. However, I am not sure they have got this right. It seems to confuse people more than anything having this number of devices to chose from.

There are currently four models of Kindle on sale, I am not sure if this is one too many.

So with my initial concern out of the way let’s get down to the details.

What’s new with the Kindle Oasis?

The Kindle Oasis has had the battery moved to the side as you can see from the image below:

Kindle Oasis Flat

This means the device can be held with the thick bit in the palm of your hand. Not only does this make it more comfortable than the other versions of the device, but it’s also the lightest Kindle to date. So reading books on the Oasis is the best ereader experience on the market.

The downside it that battery life has suffered a little but Amazon have come up with an inventive way to get around this. The Kindle Oasis comes with a case that also doubles up as a battery boost.

The Kindle Oasis comes with a case that also acts as an additional battery.

We have seen this concept used in the smartphone world for some time and now Amazon have brought the same concept to the ereader market.

Difference between Kindle Oasis and Kindle Voyage

The previous high end Kindle was the Kindle Voyage. The Kindle Oasis now sits in the category and given that it starts at $289 / £ 269 its £100 / $90 more expensive. You could buy a Kindle Voyage and a Kindle and still have money left over.

The specification of the two devices is almost identical, the biggest difference is the Oasis is thinner, lighter and comes with a cover that also charges the device. Maybe we will see prices drop over time but this is definitely high end tech that we are dealing with when it comes to the Oasis.


Amazon has traditionally tried to make their devices as cheap as possible, their strategy as a content creator is to make money from content. Whilst the technology in their devices can’t be faulted, the quality of the components used can sometimes feel cheap.

The Oasis feels classy, like a high end Samsung or Apple device. They don’t seem to have cut any corners here, hence the hefty price tag.

The Screen

In my opinion most electronic devices live and die by their screen. Whilst the casing on a Kindle has always felt a bit cheap, the screens are a delight. Not only does the casing feel high end the same is true with the screen.

The screen is 300 pixels per inch and it features 60% more LEDs than the Kindle Voyage. As a result the Oasis is an absolute delight to read a book on.

Ereaders feature a touch screen interface and if you’re used to using a tablet then as a word of warning an ereader is nowhere near as responsive as a tablet. It probably doesn’t need to be but I can see future devices improving massively in this area.


The homepage displays the book that you are currently reading, in addition it pulls your suggestions in from Goodreads. Buying a book from the Amazon Store is a piece of cake, just a few taps and your latest purchase is downloaded to your device.

Whispersync is amazing, it synchronises your books across all devices, so if you are reading using the Kindle App on your smartphone, tablet or desktop app then you can pick up where you left off. Nine fonts are available to choose from and you can make the font bigger or smaller to suit your taste and eyesight.

Like most technology these days, it’s integrated with Twitter and Facebook so you can share your thoughts whilst you are reading.

Right Handed or Left Handed

The Oasis has an accelerometer built into it much like a smartphone or tablet. What this means is that if you are right handed or left handed, it doesn’t matter. The Oasis will detect that you have changed hands and rotate the screen. Very clever and very useful.

A case with a battery

The Oasis comes with a case that attaches magnetically to body of the ereader. Very similar to the case that comes with the iPad. As well as protecting the Oasis, the case doubles up as a battery, this helps to overcome the issue of a smaller battery than the one you normally find in the Kindle.

Once the cover is attached the battery in both the Kindle and the cover is charged at the same time, when not on charge, the battery in the cover is used before the battery in the Oasis.

There are three choices of cover available, walnut, merlot and black. One of the major drawbacks is that you won’t want to have an Oasis without one of these cases, what makes technology fun is being able to personalise it with your own accessories. I can’t see many third party manufacturers producing a case for the Oasis.

8 Total Score
Amazing but overpriced

From the moment I picked it up in the shop, I fell in love with it. However, at that price I won't be replacing my Kindle Paperwhite with a Kindle Oasis

  • The best screen yet
  • The lightest Kindle to date
  • Amazing build quality
  • Price
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