Kindle Warranty

Free Kindle Warranty v Paid Kindle Warranty

Does my Kindle come with a Kindle warranty?
What is the standard Kindle Warranty?
What are the benefits of taking out a Kindle Warranty?
Is is worth paying for extra Kindle Warranty cover?

It’s that moment of horror, you have a shiny new piece of tech and within a few hours it’s damaged. It’s happened to us all at some time or another. You drop your new smartphone and smash the screen, that shiny new tablet has just been knocked off the table or your Kindle screen has been accidentally cracked.

Maybe you haven’t damaged your Kindle, it’s been lost or stolen or developed a fault. Carry on reading to find out what your Kindle Warranty covers and ways you can extend your Kindle Warranty.

Manufacturers Warranty

It’s required by law that Amazon provides you with a Kindle Warranty for 12 months. This is to cover any defects that may occur in the first year of ownership. What this basically covers is should your Kindle become faulty for no apparent reason within 12 months then as part of the standard Kindle Warranty, Amazon will provide you with a replacement free of charge.

Typically this involves you contacting Amazon through their website and reporting the fault. You then need to return your Kindle when instructed and you will receive a replacement under the terms of the Kindle Warranty.

What is not covered:

Damage caused by an accident
Water damage
Loss or theft of your Kindle device
These three exclusions can be covered either by taking out an extended Kindle Warranty or perhaps on your home or travel insurance

Children and Technology

Let’s face it, most of us have done it. It’s been a long week and the weekend creeps up from nowhere. It’s Saturday afternoon and nothing is planned. The kids are at each other and for a bit of piece and quiet you just hand them the tablet so they can play Angry Birds. Within 10 minutes you hear a thud coming from the kitchen so you rush off to find out what has happened. In the middle of the kitchen floor face down is your shiny new tablet. At the breakfast bar a five year old with a look of horror on their face.

You bend over somehow hoping that the tablet survived it’s southward journey from the kitchen surface to the kitchen floor. No such luck on this occasion, the screen is smashed and this is the end of a miserable week. Whether or not it’s your Kindle Fire tablet that has come to such a sad end or your Kindle e-reader what can be done?

Extended Kindle Warranty or Home Insurance

Rather than buy a number of different warranties from different companies, I like to bump up my home insurance to give me extra cover. This means whether I am in my home or even out of my home I am covered for theft and accidental damage. What your home insurance won’t cover you for is if your Kindle develops a fault that is not caused by accidental damage, after the initial 12 month period.

Amazon do offer the following Kindle Warranties for different Kindle devices. Please note that these must be purchased either with a new Kindle or within 30 days of purchasing a new Kindle. Also, they do not cover the entry level Kindle.

3-Year All-New Kindle Paperwhite Protection Plan with Accident & Theft Cover – £19.99

2-Year Protection Plan with Accident & Theft Cover for All-New Kindle Fire HD 7″ – £19.99

2-Year Protection Plan with Accident & Theft Cover for All-New Kindle Fire HDX 7″ – £29.99

3-Year Kindle Fire Protection Plan with Accident & Theft Cover by SquareTrade – £49.99

2-Year Protection Plan with Accident & Theft Cover for All-New Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ – £49.99

3-Year Kindle Fire HD (Previous Generation) Protection Plan with Accident – £57.99

3-Year Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Protection Plan with Accident – £79.99

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure or so they say which is why we would recommend that you purchase a case of your Kindle to protect against accidental damage. There are literally hundreds of cases staring at just £4.99

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