Mangroomer Review – Ultimate Pro Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

There’s a never-ending debate about whether to grow a beard or to maintain a clean shaven look. Some people also think that chest hair is manly. But there’s no doubt that there’s a consensus about back hair—they’re just plain icky. While some espouse having it waxed or zapped off, others say that you can just shave it off. And you don’t really need to have it done for you. With the Mangroomer back shaver, you can just do it yourself.

Can this really be done all by yourself? Lots of Mangroomer reviews on various online ecommerce websites attest to this, and they’re written mostly by verified customers. The Mangroomer comes with a lot of features that can make it all possible. In fact, the Ultimate Pro Mangroomer is the most advanced back hair shaver from Mangroomer.

What’s In the Box?

Let’s first check what you really get when you buy the Mangroomer do it yourself electric back hair shaver.

  • You get 2 interchangeable attachment shaving heads, and they both come with flexible necks. These attachments are designed for the extendable handle, which is designed for extreme reach and also equipped with ergonomic rubber.
  • It also comes with a power adapter, as the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro back shaver uses battery power for certain functions. You just need to charge the unit, so it doesn’t need to be plugged in when you use it.
  • You also get a manual detailing the operating and safety procedures. This is Spanish, German, and French, as well as in English.
  • There’s also a cleaning brush so you can get rid of the hair from the shaver more easily.

Features of the Mangroomer Electric Back Shaver

So what features does the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro have that makes it exquisitely ideal for shaving your back? Take a good long look:

  • The shaver head attachments lock to the handle, so what you end up with is a design that allows you to reach every square inch of your back. You can bend it at any angle, or extend it fully to reach areas that are more difficult to access.
  • It has the new Pro XL extension button, which locks the two parts of the Ultimate Pro in the angle you want. You can then customize the angle for various areas of your back, with an angle range of 135 degrees. What this means is that you won’t ever have to ask anyone else to shave your back for you.
  • You can also fold the unit flat, so it’s easier to bring along with you on your travels.
  • The 2 interchangeable attachment shaving heads give you a 1.8-inch wide back groomer blade. This allows you to shave larger areas and longer hairs more quickly.
  • You also get a bidirectional head for regular maintenance and shorter hairs. With this, you can shave along two directions instead of just one.
  • There’s also the Power Burst button. With this, you can get an extra burst of power to the shaver so that you can more easily trim very thick and coarse hair on your back. All you need to do is to press the button, instead of pushing down more forcefully.
  • The shaving heads also come with “shock absorber” flexible necks. This enables you to shave by following all the contours of your back.
  • The blades are ultra-sensitive. They’re made of stainless steel and are also hypoallergenic. This makes sure that the shaving process is soothing for your skin, without the usual irritants that your skin may normally have to endure.
  • The handle comes in a hexagonal design, which makes the grip more ergonomic. It’s rubberized too. This design is meant to boost your ability to control the shaver securely, while you’re also comfortable in handling it.
  • It’s also very light. This means you’re less likely to get tired holding the shaver up for extended shaving periods. It also makes it more portable too.
  • The battery charges up quickly and there’s even a charge light indicator. It goes red when it’s charging and green when it’s fully charged.
  • There’s also a 2-year warranty against any defects due to failure or manufacture. While you will shoulder the shipping costs to Mangroomer, the manufacturer will cover the costs of shipping the shaver back to you.

Comparison to the Other Models

Some say in their Mangroomer Ultimate Pro review that there’s not much of a difference to this unit compared to the more affordable Mangroomer Professional. But that’s not quite true.
Yes, it’s true that they share several key features. The less expensive model does have the special 135-degree design. It also comes with a rubberized grip. It also works without a cord, it’s rechargeable, and they both have a charging light.

But the Ultimate Pro has features you won’t find on the Professional version. There’s no bonus foil head for regular maintenance in the Pro. There’s no shock absorber feature with a multifunctional flexible neck. The lock button is missing, and so is the extreme reach handle. And you won’t find the Power Burst feature either.

  • First and most important of all is that this thing works. You really do get a close shave, and you can access every area of your body easily. All you need is as full length mirror, one hand for the shaver, a small mirror for your other hand, and a bright light so you can check whether or not you missed a spot. It’s very maneuverable and light, so you can just relax and get to every hair on your back. It simply is very easy to use, since if you can’t reach a spot then all you need to do is to change the angle of the shaving handle.
  • There’s also no pulling on the hair, and no pain. Just make sure that you move the shaver head slowly as you pass it over your back. There’s no irritation to your skin either. Since the design allows you to follow every square inch of your back, you can get a very close shave indeed.
  • The charge also gives you a lot of time to shave. It won’t let you get the job half-done only. After all, the wide blade gets things done quickly. And the Power Burst button helps you with the thick coarse hair.
  • It’s even portable too. Just fold it up, bring the extra head and the power adapter, and you’re good to go. It’s so portable that you don’t even need to find a bathroom to use it, since you don’t need even water to make it work. And sure as heck, you don’t need shaving cream.

  • In fact, this thing is ideal only for your back. Since it’s so big, it’s unwieldy to use for your face. The blades also are quite wide, so it’s not quite suitable for other areas of your body where there are deep contours to think about.
  • You can’t even use this on your chest hair without being very careful, since it doesn’t have a guard to protect your nipples.
  • Some people may not be that convinced that it’s better than having someone else do it for you. Having others do it for you can be an embarrassing experience, even if you can afford to have it done professionally. Some people even find it hard to ask their significant other to shave their back. But if your spouse or partner doesn’t mind, then maybe you shouldn’t mind it either.

Mangroomer Reviews

Consumer Ratings

By and large, just about every Mangroomer back shaver review for the Ultimate Pro gives it top marks. Just about every one finds it easy to use, and people marvel at the results. It’s no surprise that it’s a bestseller, and the most recent reviews all give it glowing recommendations.

Of course, a few people here and there will have something to complain about. One mentioned that it’s too light, and so there’s a question about its durability. Another even complained about the need to use mirrors—is there even a back shaver that doesn’t need mirrors to let you see if you’ve gotten all the hair on your back?

So all in all, people say that this is a beaut. It’s terrific—that’s very much the consensus.


So should you buy it? If you’re plagued with hair on your back and you’re no longer amused by the taunts and jokes, then the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro back shaver is for you. It’s very affordable, compared to the costs of other hair removal techniques. Using lasers will cost you about $600 to $900, and that’s just for one session. With the Mangroomer, it’s a one-time cost.

It simply is a wonder of a product. It’s very easy to use, and the results will be amazing. Never again will you feel self-conscious on the beach and in pool parties, and you won’t have to annoy other guys when your play basketball shirtless. And it gives you the self-confidence you need when you’re intimate with your partner. So if you have any hair on your back, get this shaver.

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