My Kindle – 10 reasons why I love my Kindle

I love books, the smell of a new book is amazing. Every since high school when at the beginning of a new school year the teacher would hand out those new text books. I would love to open the pages and just smell, I am not alone here either. I remember one history class every student seemed to spend the whole lesson smelling the new books rather than listening to the teacher.

My love of books dates back to my infant years and I know there are other fellow book lovers out there that feel the same. Since the Kindle was launched in 2007 the Kindle seems to get better year on year. However, Amazon has yet to replicate the smell, not yet anyway, of a shiny new book. In every other way the Kindle is now better than a physical book, that is why I love my Kindle.

I purchased my first Kindle in 2010, I normally adopt new technology reasonably quickly. I suppose I was sceptical because I already owned a tablet and spent most of my working days on a PC. My experience of reading something on a screen wasn’t a positive one. I tolerated reading on these devices and if a document required my full attention I would print off a physical copy and then read it on paper.

A work colleague showed me his Kindle before heading off on a back packing trip to India. I was blown away and shortly afterwards took the plunge and purchased my first Kindle. Instantly I thought “wow my Kindle is pretty amazing”, it became like the third child in my family. My Kindle literally came on every journey with me, my Kindle was present on every family holiday and mini break. Slowly but surely my Kindle has replaced my love of physical books and I can’t remember the last time I purchased a physical book or newspaper.

My Kindle v Physical Books

So why is my Kindle better than a physical book. Here are the top 10 reasons why:

1. My Kindle is lighter than a paperback

Picture the scene, those amazing summer holiday vacations, sat by the pool, mojito in one hand and a book in the other. Unless you have the bicep of a Greek God then your arm becomes tired pretty quick. It you are trying to read a hardback book then forget about it. Mojito in hand or not, reading by the pool is far better using a Kindle than a real book.

2. It doesn’t hurt my airplane luggage allowance

Can’t decide which book to take on holiday? With the Kindle you can take them all. Your whole library is with you in the palm of your hand.

3. It doesn’t need a bedside light

My favourite place to read is in bed just before I go to sleep. The light built into the Kindle means I don’t need to have a bedside lamp to read.

4. It delivers my daily newspaper

Brilliant for holiday vacations or just when I can’t be bothered to go to the corner shop. A few clicks later and I am reading todays newspaper in a matter of seconds.

5. It lets me lookup words instantly

The Kindle has a built in dictionary so when you come across the odd word you don’t know the meaning of, you can instantly look it up.

6. It fits in my pocket

Some books do as well. However, when studying for exams (which I need to do from time to time) those big thick text books weigh down my ruck sack. I have no chance of them fitting in my coat pocket.

7. It saves me money

Ebooks are cheaper than physical books, sometimes half the price. With Kindle Unlimited you can have unlimited access to over 650,000 books for £7.99 a month.


8. It reads to me

Kindle Unlimited features Books with Narration. Sometimes its nice to hear a book read to you rather reading it for yourself.

9. It has worldwide free internet access

When out and about sometimes you need to quickly lookup some information and this handy feature is amazing. Especially when abroad where data charges are ridiculous for using your smartphone abroad.

10. It comes with free books

There are more than a million free books, including Pride and Prejudice and Treasure Island.

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