The Difference Between LED And LCD TVs

  • The Difference Between LED And LCD TVs
    The Difference Between LED And LCD TVs

People always get confused between LCDs and LEDs so I thought it best to do a detailed comparison between LED and LCD TV’s. It is a real tough job to pick one, as both of them have thousands of features. It totally depends on your requirement. If you are not sure about your what it is that you actually need, then let us share some details with you.

It can be really confusing as technology changes all the time and sometimes too many new features can be added. TVs are no exception. But we have tried to put together the main differences between LED and LCD to demonstrate that it is not as big a difference as you think. We hope that these pieces of information will help to resolve all your confusions. LED vs LCD, read on.

The Display is the most important element

The display is always the centre of attraction. This is also the most visible part of a TV. That is why your Display has to be top notch in quality.

It is really tricky to compare the display of both LEDs and LCDs. One can go to the market and observe both the displays where they are stacked against each other. But this comparison is not enough sometimes as there are other questions to ask.

Is the picture quality worth of your money? If you are still confused, then go through our detailed description below.

The Difference Between LED And LCD TVs

The back light feature

A Led TV is also an LCD TV as both of them are crafted with liquid crystal display. But the major difference is in the backlighting. LCDs use the fluorescent lamp as their back light where the LEDs make use of Light Emitting Diodes.

The LED versions use two methods to offer the back lighting. One is the full array lighting and the other one is the edge lighting. Most of the LED TVs fall under the Edge lighting feature.

Who has the best picture quality?

The colour accuracy and the black level of a display are slightly better in the LED sets. The viewing angle is the same on both TVs. But the LED sets come with a thicker glass panel. A high quality of a glass panel with extra thickness is likely to offer an improved screening angle.

Is your choice energy efficient?

If you want a TV set which will consume less power, then LED is the ultimate choice for you. They are crafted with better picture quality. But they use less light to display than any other LCD models.

The pricing factor

LCDs are the cost effective one as compared to the LEDs. If the price range is a concern for you then go for LCD TV sets.

The size does matter

As LED lights are installed in a small place, it gets the slimmer cut. But LCD TVs are not far behind them. So it’s impossible to judge the best one of the sizing factor.

Who provides the best gaming experience?

LCDs are less likely to trouble you with the burn-in problem. If you have a wish to set up a home theatre can opt for the LCD sets to stay in the long run.


We have presented all the pros and cons. Now it is completely on your hand to choose the one which suits your needs the best. If you compare both sets as per our description, then you will find the LEDs to be ahead in the race. But LCDs are still running in the market owing to its lower pricing and durability.

Set up your TV sets perfectly. A bad setup can produce worst picture quality. Try to do it in a correct way to enjoy the stunning display altogether.

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